I Changed My Mind and Perception

Nothing is more powerful than a changed mind.  When I was sitting on the couch in total numbness for several months after my sister’s death.  I lost a part of myself and did not know how to process the loss.  I know we all grieve differently and for different lengths of time. 

Even though I have family all around me, all I could see and feel was the loss I have experienced.  My immediate family asked it there anything they can do.  They showed their concern for me and my loss.  Nothing anyone could say to me could make me feel any better. 

One of the reasons I felt the way I felt outside of grieving was my perception of my relationship with my sister.  For those months I sat on the couch totally numb to everything that was going on around me was because of how I felt in relationship to my sister and the loss.  Let me explain further. 

Every day I would write something motivating, uplifting, and inspiring to my sister and she would do the same for me, more so, than I did.  We motivated each other, we inspired each other, we pushed each other, and when I felt a little down, it was my sister who rallied behind me and lift my spirits with scriptures, with words that will inspire me to ml

I Changed My Mind, I Changed My Perception

One day while on the couch I picked up a book called Goals by Brian Tracy.  After reading just a couple of sentences I felt it was time to change my mind. It was time I change my perception of myself.  I have read this book from cover to cover at least two times before. 

This time I was different, this time I was ready for a new calling, or dust off my god giving talents off.  I was ready to not only inspire myself, but to inspire all that I come across.  Through my writings, through my teachings, through my talks, through my desire and compassion to live and help others to live more abundantly.  Christ said; “I am come that they might have life, and they may have it more abundantly.” John 10”10.

I have lost many family members in the past three years and lost my Aunt February 2, 2020.  Through all the death I choose to live more abundantly, more passionately, more lovingly, and choose to follow my gifts, talents, and passions.  I realize the importance of not squandering the moments away because they are such a precious gift of life. 

I have identified my gifts and changed my perception of myself.  I This is one of the gifts I was blessed with.  Writing, the gift to be able to tell a story and capture the attention of others.  I enjoy it immensely.  Why not immerse myself and explore the wonderful world of putting words together in fashion that inspires all who will read it.

I Choose to Become Better

I have changed my mind, I choose to be a better writer, a better person, a better man.  I choose not only to become better in these areas that will uplift me from and catapult my writing status to note worthy in the minds of all those who will take some of their precious moments to read my postings.  I will choose to become a better husband, a better father, brother, and cousin.  I will stop making the excuses to stay in touch with family and distant family.  

I choose to be mindful of the blessings that was afforded to me through God’s grace.  I realize there is no sustainable joy without having a relationship with a source higher and bigger than myself.  That source for me is God.  That source for you may be different, I am not talking about what you believe in or your religious status. 

I am talking about recognizing a source that is bigger than life itself, whatever that may be for you, it’s ok.  We all have different opinions, values, aspirations in life, gifts, and talents.  It is knowing you were born with a purpose in life. 

You were born in this infinite evolution we call life on purpose for a purpose know that we all do matter and are important.  Having said that, always strive to be ethical and do the right thing, even when there is no one around, do the right thing.  How do you know you have done the right thing?  You will know that you have done the right thing by the peace you will have. A sense of peace comes over you. 

Thank you so much for taking time out of the busy day and reading my post.  I only hope to be able to enrich your life to some compacity that inspires you to pay it forward.  God bless you.

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