How Many Strategies Do You have for Your Life?

When you look at the heading it’s kind of vague, right?  Humor for a moment, ok?  When creating a strategy, we may think of a business.  However, we should have a strategy for everything we do to maximize what we do in life.  The other day I was working out and it dawned on me.  I have a strategy for working out, but what about the other areas of my life.  How many strategies do I have implemented for my life?  To have a strategy for anything you first must have a goal, don’t you agree? Because there is a difference.  A goal is to work toward an end result or achievement.  A strategy is a plan, the method by which to achieve the goal.

My Person Strategies

Like I mentioned above, I have a strategy for working out and becoming healthier and fit.  Then I performed a self-evaluation to determine how many active strategies I actually monitor and which strategies or goals became dormant.

In order to benchmark where I was at, I had to take a step back and analyze what is important at this time in my life and where do I see myself in the next five, ten, and twenty years if I am still here on this earth.  Because let’s face it, our priorities sometimes change and the older we get our perspective on life also changes.

Fitness Strategy

Strategy for working out and becoming fit is to attend the gym four days a week and develop new healthier habits for eating healthier.  This requires me to read on nutrition and on different food groups educating myself so that I can make healthier decisions based on science nutrition, goals, and desires that I have for personal fitness.

Spiritual Strategy

I also have a strategy for spirituality which requires me to read books and incorporate meditation strategies and goals in order to become more in tune with my own spirituality.  My personal go-to book I seek out every day is the bible along with other supporting material. My strategy and goals are to take fifteen to twenty minutes in the morning and right before I go to bed and read and meditate in peace in quiet. 

When I do this, I make sure I find a quiet room in the house where I cannot be disturbed. However, there are some days if I awake late and in being in a hurry, I will default only two my morning prayers and get on the road to starting my day in a rush creating some-what of anxiety for waking up late.  I notice when this happens, my day is never as good as if I have taken the time and meditate and then say my prayers.

Financial Strategy

My financial strategy has evolved several times over the course of the years and I also engage actively more so in this area than all other strategies that I have. It’s interesting too.  See, I have several strategies and revised strategies and goals in this area and never seem to get this is to fall in line the way I want.  This area I work on every day.  It still needs work though.  However, by checking my benchmarks, I have increased my income significantly from previous years.  But like with everything else, there is always room for improvement.

Family Strategy

This may come to some as a surprise.  I have talked with a lot of people and have asked them do they have a strategy for their family.  In previous blogs post I mentioned how I wanted to become a better man, not only for myself but to become a better father, husband, brother, cousin and friend.  In order to do this, I must devise a plan, a strategy to ensure my end result of becoming a better all-around person.

Some of my strategies for the family are;

  1. Spend more quality time with family and friends. There is a difference between being around family and friends as opposed to spending quality time.  Spending quality time means being there and engaging with them instead of being around them constantly looking at your phone.  Does this sound familiar?
  2. Learn and discover new things together. You would be amazed at how much this will have a profound effect on all of you and creates a lasting memory.  Which brings me to my third idea.
  3. Create lasting memories together.
  4. Become more forgiving, patient, show a little more compassion. (This I had to work on. Still working on.)
  5. Engage in quality conversations with your kids. Conversations that will leave them with food for thought thinking about the conversation long after it has ended.  This conversation should be about life, and whatever you decide is important.  Bit of advice here, If it’s your kids, with them not at them.  The conversation should be equal engagement with several questions to invoke answers, thoughts, and opinions.

I will stop here because I believe you get the idea.  It is important to have goals and equally important to have the strategies to achieve those goals.  We all have goals of some sort but some of us let those goals fall by the waste-side because life may have intervened and we, in turn, put those goals on the back burner.  I have learned it is never too late to take a look at those goals we have on a shelf and dust them off or modify them and start working on making a difference in our own lives and inspiring the people around us.

Thank you for your precious time. You have a wonderful day!

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