Break Through Your Limitations

I am sometimes reminded of my own limitations and how I realize it’s only in my mind.  They are the barriers I put on myself in the belief in thinking; “this is far as I can go” until I dig deep and push myself beyond the limits, I thought was possible.  Let me give you an example; I was working out for four weeks and could not walk/run on the treadmill beyond thirty minutes and yesterday I grudgingly went to the gym in spite of the pain I felt in my back, legs, and arms. 

I went on the treadmill and walked for fifty-six minutes which was huge for me because for thirty days, I thought and convinced myself I am two years older and perhaps with all the health issues I am no longer able to walk/run like I use too.

While walking at high speed yesterday, I decided what happens if I continue to push beyond the thirty minutes I normally walk.  I now know again; it was all in my mind.  I was holding myself back.  That got me thinking, what else am I holding myself back from. 

More sales, more interactions with people who are heading in the same direction I am going, and that’s up.  What are you holding yourself back from, is it that powerful story you always wanted to tell, or is it that new promotion you always wanted but thought you don’t deserve it or don’t have adequate education? 

Have you ever wanted something and thought you can’t do it or achieve it?  Well, am here to tell you, you can achieve it, you do deserve it. Your desire to beat your competition, your desire to elevate yourself to a status in life you aspire to.  It’s yours for the taking!  As a man or woman think in their heart and mind, so are they.  Raise the bar for yourself, you deserve to finish at the top and the only thing stopping you, is you.

Dig deep inside of yourself and change your mind and change your thinking.  You have the courage to go beyond your present limitations. I don’t you, but I do know this, with every breath that I take.  You are gifted, you offer something unique to this world no one else could give, because you were created with a special awesomeness that is unique to your genetic makeup that equals greatness.

It’s your time if you are willing to seize the moment. I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to read this post.  I goal is to write my story in a way that can be inspirational to others.   Again, thank you for sharing your time.  Have a wonderful day.

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