Get Rid Of Internal Distraction

We all have a distraction at some point in life.  It may only be for a few seconds, or maybe for a few minutes. Whether it is a day dream moment or someone asking us a question that perhaps throw our focus off of what we were doing.

Many of are able to get back on track and become focus on what were doing and continue to grow, continue to stretch beyond our boundaries. 

However, some of us were caught up in a distraction loop.  Once caught up, we start to go down a mental path undenounced to our eternal Giger counter to a battle field we never intended to arrive at.

See, some of us heard so much negative talk about what we are not doing, what we should have done, what we could have done, or what we are not doing right presently.  Some people hear this so much every time and every day they become a receptor for negative bashing.  

All of a sudden, the possibility of change can become a distant fantasy only better people are destine to reach.  This is a fallacy, more over and importantly, what is more damaging is when those same people who negatively bashed us are gone out of our lives, or no longer around us and we are left with what we say to ourselves.

If we start to believe in what they say, then it become tragic, not true, but tragic, because we have taken up the helm where they have left off and start to say and believe the negative conversation you start to have in your head.  See, it not what others may say about us, its what we say about it that matters and is the critical component to move forward in life. 

As a person think, so are they.  I may not know who you are, but I believe if you change the eternal negative channel and stop listening to the chatter of despair. You will rise to a level in life that will be transforming, uplifting, and ultimately inspiring.   

Turn the channel right now and start having a conversation that will let in the light and truth that is in all of us, that enables you to see how truly wonderful you are.  Make the change today, tomorrow is not promised, you can change in an instant to become better, be better, and inspire those around you.  Rise to your destiny of awesomeness.

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