Scaling Back Workouts at The Public Gym

Taken precautions when working out.  I have scaled back my workouts at the gym and started to workout more from home in the light of what is going on with the Coronavirus.  You never can be too safe, and why take chances when you really don’t have to.  However, I still go to the gym and wear full hand workout gloves and workout on the treadmill when there is rarely anyone around. 

That is why I love my gym immensely.  There are times when you practically have the gym to yourself and then there are those times when it is really busy with many individuals burning calories.  You have the people who are maintaining, you have some people who want to lose weight.  You also have the people who are increasing agility, strength, coordination, and conditioning. Which is great! So, if you have a gym in your home, why pay for the gym? Simple! I am addicted to the atmosphere and camaraderie. It’s something you cannot produce at home.

The best, is when you see people coming in for the first time and don’t have a clue like I once did, who eventually excel and begin to love the process of becoming fit.  There are many times when I don’t want to work out and the funny thing about those times are, it turns out to be the best workout you have had.  Those days you push yourself and your boundaries to limits you didn’t think you had.

Like always, thanks for reading and be safe out there.

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