Uncertain Times

We all heard many times how the flu has taken on different strains and mutates or changes into something more that can potentially harm its victims.  Now we are seeing something called a pandemic that has many shuffling and re-evaluating on how to stay safe in uncertain times. The coronavirus has only one agenda and that is to infect its host as quickly as possible without prejudice and cause damage and perhaps continue until fatal.

This is only my personal opinion.  If the spread of this virus can potentially become fatal it’s only right we take extensive measures to prevent the virus from reaching so many people.  Not to create hysteria or confusion, but to show people control is being instituted and the safety of everyone is a priority. 

The average person may not have the full details and complete truth to the matter at hand because officials need to maintain a certain level of normalcy and calmness in a chaotic time.   I believe most people panic out of fear of catching anything that has the ability to end life as we know it. When fear takes a hold of an already confusing time, it only makes matters worse.

I would love to live a long life and believe me when I say, I feel there is so much left for me to do in this world and so many lives to touch for the better before my time is up.  Having said that, I will say this, I know life can be long and short. When it’s my time to leave this world there is nothing I can do to stop the inevitable from happening.  

With this knowledge comes a peace and calmness that resides within me.  It allows me to still take precautions but not panic. Still live life with passion as best as possible in uncertain times and never lose hope in the fact that life can be what we make it, even in the moment of being called home.

This disease requires our world leaders to be as one in their thinking and actions to eradicate this thing with a unity where there are no divisions among them or us.  

Like always, I thank you for reading my post.  Have a great day and be safe.

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