The Virus – COVID – 19

The COVID – 19 virus is felt around the world with so many lives hanging in the balance and on the brink of death.  With terrifying numbers of infective people around the world, one can’t imagine not if, but when, will it infect them if they don’t take this pandemic seriously by taking the necessary steps of life-saving caution. 

When people don’t take this pandemic seriously, they not only put themselves in jeopardy of getting infected and sick, but their family as well, and all the brave men and women on the front lines will also be put in harm’s way a person’s lack of discretion and adhering to the warnings of the President, doctors, governors, and law-enforcement.

I for one am adhering to the warning and only go out for the essentials when needed.  It’s particularly hard for our family because three weeks ago my wife suffered a heart attack and has been hospitalized going on three weeks now and she has been all alone for a week now since the hospital has implemented a no visitor policy.

Sure we talk over the phone but that is not enough.  I am sure there are so many people who are currently in the same predicament unable to see and be with family members sick either with the COVID – 19 virus or some other illness that they may be facing.  There are a real concern and fear for people who are hospitalized with a sickness other than the pandemic might contract the virus directly or indirectly.

I know I am not alone when I say; I cannot wait until this is all over.  However, I fear we may have to endure another sixty days of this “stay at home” procedure which has sent our economy in a tailspin of major disruption for businesses and its workers.  We all feel this disruption in many ways.  

As always, I want to “Thank You” for reading my post and want to take this time to thank all the courageous first responders who are on the front lines putting their health and life on the lines to help those of us who need their assistance, help, and compassion.  Our first responders are the hero’s of not only this pandemic, but in the everyday care for the people in our society and in the great nation. I am humbled by their sacrifices they all make and endure.

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