Locked Down

This morning I wake up as I normally do and thank God for allowing me to live another day.  But something has changed in my daily routine. I use to go for a drive early morning and stop at the store for a cup of coffee and drive until I finish my coffee.  Now, I just make my coffee at home and stay in the house because I don’t want to take any chances of catching the coronavirus. I fear like many others being up in age with respiratory issues without the virus, I cannot take any chances.   

I watch many people who really don’t care or think this cannot harm them and go on with their life as usual except for going to work because most places are closed due to the virus.  When going to the store for what my family needs, I will go early in the morning in the hopes of getting to the store when they have stocked up. When I venture out I wear a mask and gloves and keep my distance from others as best I can.  However, like so many, I want to venture out and be around other people, but I don’t out of fear of making myself and family sick.

I believe in this day and time we are in unchartered waters and our government did not act in time and that is why the pandemic was allowed to run rampant throughout our nation.  Its frustration felt by thousands and so many lives could have been saved had preparation been mandated early on as a contingency if something like this were to happened. I am not bashing our officials because doing so, will not change anything that has happened.

Hopefully, our officials will take a deeper look at the systems in place and see there is a real reason and for an over-hall in our society and its programs.  I only wish the over-hall and new look was not warranted on the devastation and lives lost to this pandemic. My heart goes out to all the families who have experienced the loss of loved ones and friends.  

I know I share a real concern when I believe hearing the truth is hard to face but most appreciated when I am being fed truthful information instead of watered-down facts to prevent wide-spread panic.  However, I understand the reasoning behind it because some people don’t know how to process the reality of facts and tend to do things only to harm others with the information. So, in essence, we who would appreciate the truth are caught between a rock and hard place.  It is up to us to make the necessary precautions for ourselves and family in order to stay safe, it’s true that we are all in this together.

I have always respected the individuals who stand firm on the front lines by putting their selves and families at risk to fight for what they believe in.  They are truly heroes in these unprecedented times of uncertainty. They are the angels of heaven who with their very actions spread the power of hope to all and letting the public know they are here fighting the battle on the front lines.  Although their spirits rattled and shaken, they never give in or stop fighting with passion and compassion they spread the spirit of hope to all. 

Many people say thank you in a variety of ways.  I know they appreciate it. But in reality, it is not enough and I feel words will never be sufficient for their sacrifice.  But, nevertheless, we express our thanks in the best way we can and put all of your first-line responders in our prayers every day in the hope God will cover them and protect them as well.  We know our prayers are sufficient because there is nothing impossible for God. 

First Responders

I say thank you for being there for us all.  Through your dedication and your tenacity to fight through this unimaginable time.  I will keep you and your family in my prayers and forever keep you in mind. I will always appreciate your sacrifice and dedication to stand on the front lines and help take care of the people who live in this great nation.  

It’s your compassion to hold our hands when we think we can no longer fight.  You are the our first responder who emanates the light we so desperately need in our darkest hour, emanating god’s power. First responders, I see you’re tired, I see you’re struggling with every fiber of your body while being a stranger’s friend.  Wondering to your self and asking god when will this nightmare ever end? How long will this insanity last? Hold on and remember these powerful words; “this too shall pass.” 

My prayer for you.  Dear Lord blanket our first responders with your protection.  Don’t let anyone else fall from this pestilence or infection. Strengthen their bodies, take away their anxieties and fears. Uplift them upon the wings of angels, lighten their load and wipe away their tears. Continue to work your miracles through their actions and give peace in their minds, spirits, and hearts while so many are apart.  Continue to be their light when their minds venture into the dark. Protect their families while they are fighting on the front lines and they stand apart. We ask this in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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