Candlelight of Fire

As my candlelight burns through the night I will not lose this sight.  Light of fire burn higher as my desire to lay with you through the night will never expire.  Your perfume, your smile, the thought of you shortens my breath. It drives my wild, I will adore you to my very death.

When I hear your voice it’s like music painted on the wall, hear me when I say I love you in every way, I will let the truth stand tall. I never knew what true love really meant until I fell in love with you. It’s true.  

I am sipping on the elixir of your love and you are the only thing I can think of.  I thank god for this wonderful gift from above. I must confess, with you I will never know darkness. You are my candlelight keep burning, keep burning, candlelight of fire your love elevates me higher where I aspire the world at your footsteps.  I am so grateful to be experiencing love in these depths.  

As always, I wanted to share with you something out of the ordinary and hope you find it as a little breath of fresh air. Enjoy your day as if it were you last day and make it eventful, memorable, and make every moment count, because it does. Be blessed and safe.

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