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Love My New Computer


I broke down and purchased a new, much-needed desktop computer yesterday.  It’s a Dell Intel Core i7 series with a Alienware twenty-inch monitor. One of the reasons for the purchase is on my laptop; I felt as if I was straining my eyes when trying to sit down and type something out.  Since my glasses are relatively new, I thought I would try a larger monitor. Wow!!! I can see!

I cannot begin to tell what a difference getting a large monitor makes.  I have also missed typing on a regular keyboard. It may sound crazy, but I missed the sound it makes when tapping on the keys while typing.  I love that sound.

I know it will not help to create impactful content on my blogs, but it will be more enjoyable to hear the sounds of content creating.  I also forgot how quiet tower computers are.  Let’s just say I am enjoying this new computer which can be upgraded several times over.

Oh, before I go, I will leave you with some of the specs of the machine I choose and why.

Computer Specs

I wanted a machine that is I will be able to upgrade for a couple of years down the road. A computer that would be able to grow as my needs grow. Something that would handle video editing, content management, as well as my designing software which requires a great deal of resources. I actually wanted a Mac but that was not in the budget right now but I will purchase a mac computer perhaps in another year.

So far, I believe what I have will suffice for now. Yesterday I installed all my designing software and it works great on this computer where as, on my last computer I had to wait for the software to respond. Not any more.

Happy with this purchase.

As always, thank you for reading my post. Have a great day!

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