What Would Complete You?

In this vast world of opportunity, chance, and the ability to become what you want to become in life. What would complete you? What is that one thing that appears to be out of your reach at the moment, not impossible, Just unattainable at this time, that would complete you?

For some people it’s the perfect mate, for some it’s the perfect career, and for others it might be a certain amount of money. You may have some people who will argue or agreed they would just like peace of mind. There are so many people who are unhappy in their currently situation or life and don’t have a clue what would complete their life to the ultimate way of living. Sadly but true, there are so many people in this day and time that has worked and lived on auto-pilot when asked; “what would make them happy? Don’t have a clue on what that is.

However, you also have a group of people who maybe delusional in thinking they know exactly what they want and work extremely hard and persistent to go after what they want. When they obtain what they worked so hard to achieve are saddened only to find that they too are still unhappy.

My Views

I believe so many people go after happiness, success, or simply seeking externally what they believe at the time would make them happy or would be instrumental in their long term goal to satisfaction in life or happiness without know their true worth or self before seeking external satisfaction.

Getting to know one self takes time and brutal truth with one self. Some people are able to complete that process but there are so many others who are not. It doesn’t matter what status in life you are at either. There are wealthy people who suffered from loneliness and or depression. Then there are those who are considered not to have much, but happy and satisfied and tickled pink with their life. For these people it doesn’t take much to make them happy.

What about the people who have such an appetite for success or perfection. I understand the desire to be all you can truly be. However, perfection is an illusion one tends to believe without deity. Perfection is perfecting and achieving a high degree of proficiency with skill and excellence in the constant pursuit of perfection without ever arriving at it’s destination or becoming perfect. Hence, the illusion. There is nothing wrong with any of it, of course it really depends on one’s perspective. I am merely asking you, “What would complete you?”

I am simply curious what would make you complete in an imperfect world that we live in? Do you know you intimately? When was the last time you have been brutally honest with your self? What category of people are you in?

As always, I want to thank you for reading my post. If you would like to open a dialogue with me, lets talk. Be safe and healthy. Don’t forget to wash your hands. More importantly, make someone smile today. Be a blessing and receive a blessing.

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