Are we pawns in a dangerous game of chemical warfare gone wrong?

Why do other world leaders wear face masks and here in the United States our own president and Mike Pence act as if they have been vaccinated from the virus already and don’t have a care in the world?  While so many people are doing anything to cover their faces up from fear of catching what we have been told, a very contagious disease?  

Um!  I know I am just a pea in a pod and know nothing of what goes on in the white house and all who partake in the happenings there.  However, we all are watching the same thing on television and online in the briefings.  Other officials have been seen wearing masks, but is that for the show?

I understand there are plenty of speculations and conspiracy theories floating around.  Somehow, I believe could be the reason is the truth or truths are shortcomings.  I don’t know the truth about this disease or what our officials hold back from the public.  I assume there could be some unthinkable happenings to speak of and if the truth leaked out the world would not be the same if it did.

Would I want to know the truth? Absolutely!!!  If the truth about this disease was unthinkable and diabolical from the very minds of people whose ultimate goal was to bring about a change in foreign affairs or change how we currently live. Would I still want to know the truth?  Again, absolutely!!!

Getting the truth from some world leaders requires a certain level of integrity, honesty, grounded in a moral compass to protect the people for which they lead in spite of how the truth may have them look.  However, sometimes the truth is not always what it seems or what they would have us believe. 

In the end, we must come to a conclusion for ourselves and give our leaders somewhat the benefit of the doubt.  On the other hand when common sense tells us it is better to be safe than sorry, what is a little more time to save lives?  Everyone has an opinion and perhaps knows what is best for them and their families.  As for my family and me, we will remain cautious, careful, and have a watchful eye on this situation we all are witnessing. Above all, we will continue to put out faith in God and be determined to be forever vigilant as these events unfold.

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