Learning Something New

It is amazing, that feeling you get when you learn something new, right? Especially when it is a challenge, intricate and beneficially rewarding when you capture the understanding of something that had you mentally out on a limb for a period.

I do not know about you because I can only speak of my own experience. However, I believe I am not the only one who feels this way or felt that way at some point in time in their life. The sheer feeling of accomplishment is spectacular, and I believe it is a building platform for increasing one’s confidence in themselves, as well as in the idea that it’s never too late to learn something new.

I also believe when you are suffering or struggling with anxiety as I have with losing family members from their disabling illnesses and toppled with the frustration of the pandemic and all the uncertainty that comes with it. It is important to start to look with in and find something that will still give you meaning and purpose. It is critical to focus not on the fear of uncertainty or the misinformation that is blatantly bombarding the airwaves of media. It is important we center our concentration in how we can adapt, learn from, add value to the society which we live in.

I must be perfectly candid. It is something I was struggling with for the first couple of months of the pandemic. Especially with losing some of my family members and watched as my own wife who is an amazing woman fight to stay alive as she endures the struggle of a failing heart and almost being sent home to hospice. I watched my wife as the organs in her body started to fail and at one point, she could no longer hold her own head up to talk.

Only to find someone who believed my wife still had a chance to live out more years through having a Left Ventricular Assist Device implanted in her heart. To watch her fight to stay alive as she stated she was not ready to go to heaven. I was by her side every day through the ordeal and I studied about the LVAD and learned about the procedure that could potentially save my wife’s life. Well, I am no doctor and never thought in my wildest dreams I had the ability to learn about this device and all the changes one must make to continue to enjoy living. But, we have, and are still learning. What is equally important is we are learning not to exist but live fervently with passion to embrace life and all it has to offer.

There are three things I know for certain. One of those things has existed from the very beginning, it is “Time.” Within that one thing, we will live, and we will die. We are allotted time whether it is short or long. I do not believe we are in full control of all that happens within our allotted time of life. However, for the things we can control, I believe we should be good stewards of life while we exist in that allotted time.

When we continue to learn new things for good with the allotted time, we have it will do several things for us. It will increase our confidence with the capacity to learn and do more. It will allow us to become an asset and bring value to others, as well as to ourselves. Our sense of worth increases. This is major those individuals who feel they are less than adequate. Learning will also add a sense of purpose to our lives. There are so many things you can learn in life. One powerful lesson is charity. Learning how to give instead of always taking. Learning how to show compassion to others and one I struggled with early in life is learning how to really listen.

In conclusion, learning is a powerful way to increase your worth, value, and purpose in your allotted time while you are here on earth. That is why TIME is a precious commodity and a terrible thing to waste.

I want to thank you for taking time out of your precious moments and reading this blog entry. I can only hope it will bring value to you.

Have a great day!

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