Time is a common denominator between us all. We all have the same about of time in the day. 24 hours. What we choose to do with those twenty-four hours separate us. What you are now and what you become depends on what you choose to do with your time in a day.

What you want to become is not predicated on your circumstances, but what you choose to do with the time you were allotted in your lifetime. We can start at the same point in life. However, the choices we make during the time we have will determine our destination in the journey of life.

Think about the choices you have made in your life just for a moment. I heard someone say, “these are the cards I was dealt.” Life does not deal with cards or hands. Life is not a game. However, for the sake of clarity for those who believe that it is. The choices we make are the cards and the hands we have are predicated on the choices we have made over a period of “Time.”

Your commodity of the day is the time you spend on that day. Once spent, it is gone forever. You cannot reclaim it, you cannot buy it back, you can NEVER reclaim the time once it has passed. So, it makes perfect sense to maximize your time while you still have time here on earth? I do not know what you do with your time. However, I urge you to evaluate how you spend your time.

Did you understand what I just said? Did you catch that? “How you spend your time.” If you are facing challenges, time can help you surmount those challenges with the right actions. Are your relationships flourishing? If not, you have time right now to make positive changes. If you suffered a loss, time would help you heal. Not forget but allow you to grieve and over time your grief will become lighter to bear.

What will you do with the rest of the time you have? I challenge you to clear your baggage of the past and make a declaration to yourself to use the time you have left to the fullest that time and life have to offer.

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