My Thirty Day Challenge

I don’t take on many challenges in my life on purpose. Although, I realize I should. Challenges are there to help us grow beyond our comfort points in life. That is right, we all have comfort point somewhere in our journey called life.

I believe we are here to continue to grow and become all that we can be. Some where along the journey call life, many of us become complacent and comfortable with who we are and what we may or may not be doing.

I have to admit, I am guilty of this many times over. However, I always recognize that I have become complacent and begin to take on a new challenge. If I am to be transparent here, it happens more than I care to admit. Nevertheless, I am guilty just the same.

I cannot speak for anyone else but myself. I believe this happens when I get bored or if I am to dig deeper, I may have not found that one thing that drives me with passion to get up in the morning. You know, that one thing you want to continue doing and have you going to be in the wee hours in the morning only to get up after two to three hours sleep to go at that passionate thing again.

If you have found it, you know what I am talking about. The one thing your breathing for, living for, and for some, will die for. Your purpose, your reason and ultimate why you do what you do. That passion where all you can do is think about that one thing that drives you to become the very best no matter what!!!

You cannot hide it, contain it, smother it, or be swayed from it by any other thing or person. It feels as if it is part of every fiber in your being and that you were put on this earth to do that very thing the light inside you calls you to do and be.

Like Winston Churchill once said; “The truth is in controvertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is.”

That one thing you feel you were born to do. The vision not only drives you but sometimes becomes so contagious to others where they join in and elaborate to help realize your dream and vision to reality.

If you found or know your why, protect, preserve it, nurture it and shield it from those who are miserable and want to plant seeds of doubt because they have not realized their own dream and don’t want to see you realize yours. Let the mustard seed prosper and grow inside you. I will take the next thirty days to find a challenge worthy of my attention that will connect with my passion as well. What’s yours?

Thanks for taking time out of your precious time and reading this post. I hope I can continue to add value to your day and life.

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