I Am My # 1 Motivator

It’s true! I am my number one motivator and I am also my number one reason for failing at times. I take full responsibility for my successes and failures in life. Why? It is quite simple, it was my choice, my decision making that my results were predicated on that yield the results of my actions.

If my goal was to be a doctor and went to automotive training, let’s face it, being a doctor will not be in my future if I don’t take the required training to do so. That is with anything in life. If you want to yield a particular result you have to do what is require now to receive the results you seek within a particular time frame.

That brings me to this; I am my number one motivator because when I fail at something I may take the time to lick my wounds. However, I will get back in the game and adjust my strategy and keep moving forward. I will keep doing what I have to until I find an avenue that leads me to the destination I so desire.

The funny thing about this writing is you get to see first hand at what I tell myself. I am writing to me. You happen to reap the benefits of having a birds-eye view into the psyche for which I converse with myself.

Come on! Don’t ack like you don’t talk to yourself. Everyone has a conversation with themselves outwardly or internally. I happen to put some of my conversations on a white digital canvas and share my thoughts with the ether or you.

Can I talk myself into actionable results that lead to success. Yes! I believe this. However, there is much more to it than talk. You have to have a goal and a plan of action to reach the desired results for which one seeks.

Therefore, I must take out my roadmap and chart a course. Where do I want to go from hear? What about you? Where are you headed? What course are you on? On your journey, did you veer off course? If you did, perhaps it is time to adjust and make a course correction and get back on track. That is what happen to me. Course corrected.

Let us do this together. It does not matter what you are aiming for in life, as long as you are aiming in the right direction with a little course direction from time to time you will hit your target.

I want to say thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me by reading my post. I believe we can all achieve our meaningful goals. Have a blessed day!

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