I Just Weighed In At 289.7 lbs.

Yikes!!! Hold the presses, stop the print. All that hard work in vain. You read that right. I gain all the weight back with the exception of sixteen pounds. When I started on my weight loss journey I was three hundred and five pounds. I felt great and was able to do so much more with all the energy I have gained with the weight loss.

So, what gives? What changed or didn’t change? If I was to rationalize all of the events in my life from then to now you would probably think I was crazy. Seriously, you would say what in the world happened. I am not kidding. Below is a picture of me at 305lbs.

In this picture I was 305lbs and never want to reach that again.

See what I mean? The crazy thing about it was I did not realize how big I really was until I saw that picture above with me wearing the gray sweat shirt. The funny part is I had the audacity to wear a Authentic Workout hoodie. I really had a laugh with that.

Moving on. You might be asking , what do I look like now at just 289.7lbs or 290lbs. Well I will get to that in one minute. So you can grasp the entire picture and the point to this story. Below is a picture of me losing a great deal of weight. In the picture below I was 230lbs. I was elated and never will forget how hard I worked to get there.

I learned a great deal losing 75lbs in nine or ten months. Do you know how I loss that much weight? Well, I changed my way of eating while up in New York with while staying with my sister who at the time was very ill fighting for her life with a battle of cancer. She had to eat well and I was preparing her meals. As far as exercising I walked three to five miles every day for five days and worked out on the weights three days out of a week.

We agreed on what she wanted to eat and BAM! I was able to wake up every morning and had a routine that I rarely faltered from. That is how. Once I came back home to Texas I had loss my mind and started eating any and everything. Well, below is a picture of how I look now at 298.7lbs if you want to be exact. It’s on now!

Anyone want to join me you can. To make this even sweeter for myself. I signed up with HealthyWage and projected I will lose forty pounds in 274 days. I know what you are thinking that is easy with all that time. One thing I have learned is it is not easy. Especially for me.

So, it’s back to the drawing board. I know how to lose the weight now. I just have to change my habits to make it stick. Do you have any challenges? I want to hear from you.

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