New Treadmill, Time to Work

By the title of this article I guess I took out the guess work of what I will be talking about, right? I will spare you the hardship I suffered trying to put this treadmill together, let’s say it was only difficult for me because of my weight and being out of shape.

However, it is all put together and this morning I took it for a test run and within ten minutes I thought I was going to die and pass out. It was a shock to my system for sure. One of the reasons I purchase a treadmill is I love to walk on them. When I use to frequent the gym I will stay on the treadmill for at least an hour. Seriously. You can verify that with some of my earlier post. Below is a pic of me when I finished walking on the treadmill this morning. I was able to sweat for sure.

I know it is 90% of what you eat and ten percent physically working out. It is the ninety percent I have to work on. Nevertheless, I am up to the challenge and will reach my goal of 240lbs in several months from now. First and most importantly, is to start and I have achieve this. For the past two days I have been eating a light breakfast and a bottle of water.

Two hours latter I have a small snack or I will have a shake to help cut the cravings. My snacks include a couple of green or red seedless grapes or a slice of cantaloupe with a bottled water. Everything I do is with a bottle of water.

I intake a gallon or just over a gallon of water a day. Just for my challenge I have omitted bread from my diet as well. My only beverage is one of my shakes or water. I don’t drink soda or juice any longer either.

I am well on my way to a healthier person. Below are my treadmill stats for today.

I am well please with what I have done this morning on the treadmill, especially since I have not been on one since January 2020. Listen, I want to thank you for reading my post and hope and wish you a fantastic day.

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