The Journey Moves Forward Despite No Motivation

I wish I could tell you there was some magic bullet for staying motivated until you reach your destination in life or a particular result over a period of time. But, there isn’t one. I can tell you this; if you find yourself wrestling with your motivation to move forward with your dream or goals, just know this too shall pass.

Look at the reason you are in this, whatever “this” is for you and know or convince yourself you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. It may not be easy, it may cost you friends, that perhaps shouldn’t be considered your friend or may have already served their purpose in your life. There are no corners to cut, no short cuts to take, only the road with your name attached to it. On your road in your journey you may have many avenues. The avenue you choose is up to you.

The transformation happens in the journey and what you can learn while on the journey. What you become in the mist of adversity, hardship, sacrifice, not to rule out blood, sweat, tears, and heartache. It’s who you become through it all that is important. The end result no matter good or bad is the by product of the journey you have taken.

The road to your success is a road traveled only by you. You may meet some good and bad people along the way. However, the end result is all yours only predicated through the choices you have made in your journey.

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