New Year, Revised Game Plan

Last year I had a game plan that would have put me over the top in my financial status.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances, things did not go as plan.   I don’t have the same goal this year.   I have an adaptable strategy that should work to obtain the desired results I am seeking.

I believe one must have multiple streams of income to help them with the rising economy and live more comfortably.  Finding ways to supplement your income, take care of your health, and be there for family and friends is a balancing act; one must become good at doing it.

Therefore, I will create a balancing act that will include becoming the best version of myself this year.  I know I am in for an uphill battle with myself because of my propensity to become complacent and sometimes downright lazy.

It is about investing in yourself to become better at what you do and become an asset to society.  This year I will take more courses to learn new skills and improve in areas that require adjustments.  Of course, to know what improvement is needed, I must assess my strengths and weaknesses.

I will work on becoming a more effective writer to share my thoughts and opinions with others.   I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this post.  Have a great day, and be safe.

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