Missing The Gym Feeling

Gym In Connecticut.

I truly missed going to the gym every morning. Don’t get me wrong, I know I can workout in my home to stay fit, but it is not the same feeling. Let me explain. When I arrive at the gym parking lot there is this feeling I get along with a sensation that comes over me. The feeling is like flipping a switch on inside of me that says it is about to be on. That fat on my body is not going to know what hit it. The feeling is relentless business is about to happen.

I was staying at my sister’s complex when she was sick. I still had to get my workout in.

When I stepped inside the gym another switch would flip indicating there is no turning back now. The sound of the weights hitting one another and crashing down on their resting place was a sound I lived for. If you ever have been at the gym and working out pushing yourself to the limits where you could no longer lift the weight and let it drop to it’s resting place, was the sound I live for. Ok! Maybe it is an acquired taste.

Another reason, and maybe the most important one is watching other people just like me giving it their all to make a difference in their appearance, body, and metal state. Pushing to limits they though was not possible before they started their journey. I know this first hand and from experience. Increasing endurance, gaining muscle and building strength is the by product of consistency at the gym.

Working Out At Home Is Not The Same

When I workout at home the feeling is more of a bland taste. Where as, when I am in the gym with other like-minded individuals is where all the spices come alive and explodes and heightens your taste-buds. Does that make sense? There are also too many distraction working out at home. I may have to stop working out for a moment to help someone do something, move something or even ask me to explain something computer related to help them with something important to them. Either way, my workout is interrupted and sometimes never resumed.

The intensity of my home workouts lacks enthusiasm and dedication. Especially since the pandemic it really has been terrible to say the lease. I even tried going for walks but there is nothing to sight see making my walk boring as can be.

This was tape 12/23/2020
I actually broke a sweat on my home gym here in the picture.
Here is the treadmill I purchased on Amazon. It is alright but not as durable as what the gym offers but it help.

What is a person to due? I know, All this sounds like a bunch of excuses. It really is but they are my excuses and they are real. When I am at the gym I have a wonderful opportunity to meet individuals and hear their stories of what, how, and why? Our stories allow us to contrast each others lives, and not to mention, forge new relationships with people from all walks of life.

When I drove passed the gym today it was crowded. I know why too. Every January the gym is inundated with a influx of new members who want to act out their new year’s resolution which does not last. I have been a gym goer for almost seven years until covid hit. Once they closed down everything in Texas and then re-opened the gym. I did not have the confidence to go to the gym and workout with the public.

Yes, part fear and ninety percent of concern of getting anyone in my house sick. That keeps me out of place where others are gathering for a period time. So, there you have in a nutshell. I missed going to the gym very early in the morning and flipping the switch in my mind to become this person who is in love with the atmosphere of the gym.

I am going to hit the treadmill now.

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