Chipping Away At The Fat

You know what is amazing? When you set out to do something and you start to see the results of your hard work and sacrifice come to fruition. My goal is simple in statement, Lose forty-pounds and then lose forty more. Simple right? Yeah right! I am no stranger to the notion losing one hundred pounds safely. This is has been a journey of mine for several years. However, I always come up short. The last time I was under two hundred pounds was thirty years ago. Yes! That long. I know it was a long time ago but it can be done. Guess what? I am going to achieve this. Last month I weighed in at 289lbs for my challenge at Healthy Wage. When I started I was all gun ho and dropped six and half pounds on one week.

I remember looking at the scale and was so excited that I lost weight and knew at that time I was on the right track. Then you know what happened? I did not change my habit or behavior that put me in the position recognize I needed to lose weight. I kept on doing the same thing and eating the same things. The discipline to say no was non-existent.

The end of December 2020.

I realized more than ever, I had to stop this vicious cycle of losing weight and gaining weight. I need some stability and in order for that to happen I had to change. I had change my behavior and habits with lasting change. Before I realize that, I continued to eat and workout periodically.

I would make all kind of excuses that sound great and sometimes were even true. Like, I am too tired, or my body hurts and I don’t feel good today. Mostly I started procrastinating more than usual. I was making Fat excuses which perpetuated becoming heavier and unable to move the way I wanted too.

The second week in January 2021.

I ballooned back up to 292.3lbs and I had the audacity to be surprised that I gained weight in the wrong direction. I sat myself down and had a serious talk with myself. Yes! I was not happy to say the least.

Do you know how hard it is to lose weight with bad habits and bad food behaviors? I must get it together, especially when I use food for a crux. When I feel sad, it’s time to eat. When I feeling depressed it is really time to chow down. This is a big one. When I am bored out of my mind it is time to have a buffet.

I had to find my why and put it to the forefront of everything that I do. Here is where I stand as of today. After changing small things in the way I eat. This morning I weighed myself and I really like where the numbers are heading. However, I have been hear before.

Saturday 01/30/2021

I am now on the right track and started losing weight. I have three eggs with spinach in the morning and then a shake two and half hours later. Then I would drink plenty of water and sometime have a hot green tea with lemon.

For lunch I would have a salad with boiled chicken or sautéed chicken with peppers and plenty of water. Two hours later I would have snack with some various kinds of nuts or an orange and strawberries. Stuff like this appears to be working very well. It is all about persistence in eating healthy and combination of moving, and exercising. Stay toon so you can witness the transformation over time I will achieve.

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