Super Charge Your Morning With Gratitude

When you awake in the morning what is the first thing you do? Better yet, what is the first thing you say to yourself? I recently was talking with a friend who admittedly indicated he says “I will stay in bed another five minutes” and it usually ends up being a little longer than five minutes. When he finally jumps up he is usually late for work and has to rush for the rest of the morning. This usually sets the tone of the day for him and he admits he feels rushed for the most of the morning and is not as productive as he was when he first started working at his company.

My friend wakes up every morning with an alarm clock app on his phone. I suggested putting his phone on the far end of the room or bathroom. This way it would prompt him to get out of the bed in the morning instead of hitting snooze and rolling over.

Super-charging morning with powerful incantations.
Empowering and Super-Charging Ideas

Super Charging Ideas

I informed my friend when the alarm clock on his phone rings in the morning. Instead of running to shut it off immediately, recite these words while sitting on the edge of the bed;

Today is going to be a great day!

Thank you God for allowing me to see another day!

Today I will arrive at work early!

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to earn a living.

Today I will assist others and offer encouragement to my co-workers.

Thank you God for blessing me with being good steward of the things entrusted in me.

Today I will make someone smile.

I informed my friend he doesn’t have to say all of those sentences, just recite one a day and watch what happens. Needless to say, my friend thought it was silly to do so. However, he tried it for two weeks and BAM!!! What do you know. It worked! My friend arrives at work fifteen minutes early and brings coffee and croissants for some of his co-workers, putting a smile on their faces.

My friend told me he copied the above statement on to an index card and leaves it on his night stand. He has since added his own and tells me it works wonders. Now he is sharing the idea with his co-workers and they have adopted this process to their work environment.

How can you super-charge your morning? Why not try from a position of gratitude and watch the power of transformation work in your life. You can use this same suggestion for eating healthy, exercising, etc. The power of transformation will work just the same.

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