A Morning Note to Motivate My self

Never quit
This picture was taken at the gym. It is how I start my mornings.

Good morning family. The fight is on to get into the two-seventies. I am still holding at 280lbs. However, I have noticed I have been thinning in certain areas. My wife is my most prominent critic and has indicated whatever I am doing is starting to show. Now that fuels my engine and light the fires of determination to continue. Validation from your most prominent critic who is around you every day doesn’t come easy.

Slow progress is nothing but baptism under fire. Although your progress may not show today, the proof is in the numbers, and the number doesn’t lie. I may be holding at 280lbs, but the dam is about to break. Just a small tweak with what I am doing and a slight change to what I am eating, and I will be dropping safely once again. This is not only about eating right and exercising. It is about the battle that goes on between the ears.

It is about what we say to ourselves when there is no one around or listening. It is about the mindset and the change of behaviors that will forge our destiny. Please don’t quit, never give in. Temptation is all around us; however, it is what we do in the moment of temptation that will define the outcome.

What do you want? How are you going to get there? Nothing worth having is going to be handed to you, nor will it be easy to acquire. You have to put in the time and work smart and hard for it. Are you willing to put in the work? I can’t hear you. Are you willing to put in the work? Then stop procrastination and let us get to it. You have to rise and not just talk about it. You have to be about it. You have to live it, believe it, know it with every fiber in your body, and in the famous words of Nike, JUST DO IT!!!

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