My Cool Down Sunday Allows Me To Reflect

I am thrilled for the cool down day because it allows me to rest and reflect on the past week’s activities. Reflection is getting to know your progress, or lack thereof, up close and personal. With it, you will find what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you. Observation of your activities will allow you to start the new week with a fresh set of eyes, a renewed spirit, and enthusiasm to push you along with your plans and goals.

It is best to keep a daily food and activity journal. The journal will only help you see what you have eaten and how much you have consumed. If you are specific in your note-taking, it will allow you to ascertain what contributes to weight gain or loss in your journey. For instance, I notice one day, I weighed 281lbs, and the following day I weighed 283.9 pounds. I had wondered how much of that was a fluid build-up or actual fat build-up.

Reading my food journal gives me insight into what I may have eaten that would have contributed to the weight gain or loss. Perhaps it was too much sodium intake. I would never know unless I check the history of my consumption. Let this be food for thought that will get the calorie wheels rolling in the right direction. I wish you a healthy cooldown Sunday.

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