Create Powerful Momentum With Massive Action

Do you want to create momentum? Create massive action. Taking action is one thing. Taking massive action is another. When I wanted to lose weight I wanted to think of the best, safe, and quickest way to lose fat and burn calories. I knew I had to take massive action in more ways than one. How? The first step I implemented was changing what I was eating. What we eat is about ninety percent of the battle with losing weight. I realized I am an emotional eater as well. You have to find what are your triggers. What motivates you to eat besides the necessity to nourish your body.

The second thing was taking care of the ten percent which entails exercising. You have to put some form of exercise into your lose weight equation for maximum results. Turn that fat into toned muscle and keep the muscle tone firm. In the quest to build momentum if at all possible, try some aerobics, along with strength training. One of the best exercise in the very beginning you can engage in is walking. Get out of your house and walk around your neighborhood. If you don’t feel safe doing that and if money permits, purchase a treadmill and watch the fat melt away as you walk, then sprint, and jog to great health.

You can find a great deal of information on losing weight online. This will not be easy by any means. I have been working on this for some time now and finally, understand what it will take to keep the weight off. In the end, you have to find what works for you. The main thing is for you to start NOW! Below is the latest picture I have taken. I am under construction. Join me at HealthyWage and get paid for losing weight. (

Picture was taken on 3/29/2021

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