A Little Saturday Inspiration

Can you believe it?  You made it through another week.   Now it is Saturday and you want to take a moment to breathe.  It’s ok.  Take the moment.  While taking that moment to breathe don’t get comfortable, don’t let up on trying to reach your goals.  Don’t become complacent thinking you have time.  Remember, the time is now!  This is your moment to becoming all you want to become.  When you look at where you have come from to where you are going you may noticed you are no longer in the past but here in the present forging a new future.  This is where the game changes for you.  You victory is not at the end of your journey, it’s forged in the journey.

Your victory is in all the hard work you put while on your journey. In your sacrifices that you make alone the way.  In the loneliness moments where there is no one cheering you on and that inner voice shows a little moment of doubt.  That is where you dig in deeper than you ever did before and address your purpose, your reason, your “WHY”  and it is at that moment, that you will make the decision nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.

So Breathe. Then get at what makes you burn that oil in the midnight hour.  Get at what drives you to become better than you were yesterday, last month, or last year.  Take a breather and keep going.  keep banging on the doors of your dreams.  Never stop, never quit, and most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP!



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