The Disconnected Message

Design your own destiny through deliberate action.

Too often, we may believe there is a road we are supposed to travel in life, to find later we were wrong.  Has that ever happened to you?  You knew in your heart that you were supposed to do something or even felt compelled to do something.  All to find later, it was the wrong move, it was the wrong choice.   What in the world happened?  I believe there is a message planted in each one of us.  Some may call it a calling, destiny, in any event, somehow we may have ignored it or believed at the time it was not right because it appeared to be impossible.

The Planted Seed

The seed that was planted and left in us to germinate somehow was disconnected from our belief system.  The noise of disbelief snuffed out the message that God wanted us to hear.  Therefore, we were left up to our own devices to press forward in the belief that the path we were on was correct.  How far from the truth could we be? Sometimes we may want a thing so badly that we believe it is the right path or right thing to do.   Have you ever heard someone say – “I can’t get a break?”  It is like everything they do is not working for them whatsoever.

Understanding The Right Move

How can we turn it around?  How can we have that life-transforming moment that affirms we are on the right path.  The path that we were originally intended to be on ordained by God? I believe if what you are doing is not working, change your plan of approach.  Have you ever tried on a pair of gloves before?  If so, you may have tried on several pairs before you found the pair of gloves that fit just right.  How did you know?  They felt good, it felt right, and as you moved your fingers while inside the glove, it complemented your movements.  You have to try several approaches until it starts to work or until it feels right.  When you decide apprehensively because it may not feel right, you choose to go against your gut feeling.  That may be a sign it will not work.

Whenever I go against the grain, so to speak, about anything I have tried, it never works.  However, if you never try and decide to stay on the sideline, you have just failed.   What comes naturally to you is a good hint it may be that something you should explore?  Do you find it easy to talk with others?  Do you find it easy to understand technical journals where others don’t have a clue?  Does it come naturally to figure out how things work?  You have to investigate yourself to find what comes naturally and test ideas to connect the source of inspiration to make things happen in your favor.

If you don’t have anything that comes naturally, that is ok too.   All that means is you have to investigate and try different things out until you find something that clicks for you.  One way to do this is to pick up different magazines or surf the web for new activities you have never tried before.

The number one idea to help you find the seed you were born with is reading a great deal.   It may not sound like fun, but anything worthwhile having requires work.  Just think of all the benefits that come with searching through reading.

The Benefits Of Reading

  1. You will build your vocabulary and comprehension.
  2. Your conversations with other people will be more engaging.
  3. By reading, you will acquire new ideas and inspiration.
  4. Reading is a great way to relax before going asleep.
  5.  When reading books, you will be to explore the possibilities of what could be possible for you.

As humans, we were all given a measure of attributes that render us unique.  For some people, it is apparent, and for others, it is a mystery to be explored and solved.  Do you want to find out what is at the core of your self-being?  Connect with yourself on a deeper level and find what it is you stand for.  Question your values, desires, point of view, and your everyday thoughts.  Challenge yourself to no longer accept the status quo of your everyday life.  Instead, be inspired by the possibilities of what life has to offer and connect with that positive message.  After you find your answer, take MASSIVE ACTION!

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