Twenty-Six Days To Lose Eighteen Pounds

18 in 26 are The Magic Numbers

Twenty-six days are left in my HealthyWage challenge.  I have fallen behind.  However, I believe I can make weight in twenty=six days.  It will not be easy, but if I stay focused and disciplined with my eating habits, it can be done.  I have to lose eighteen pounds in the twenty-six days.

My plan is a simple one.  Eat two healthy meals a day and have three shakes with a pinch of cinnamon to curb my sweet tooth and help me stay away from the cookies that I love to eat so much.

My workout plan is nothing major.  I will walk/jog three miles for twenty-six days.  I will hit the weights two days or three days a week with lite weight and be careful not to gain too much muscle but tone up the muscles and lean up.

Today is ground zero.  I have 2.25 miles in right now.  Later on, I will walk for one mile to cap it off a 3.25.  I have already hit the weights for the day.

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