My Sunday Weight-Loss Thought

For the past three days, I was preparing myself to get serious about losing eighteen pounds in twenty-six days left in my HealthyWage challenge.  My starting weight was 289lbs.  In my first week of the challenge, I lost about four to six pounds and was thrilled.  Then suddenly, I gained weight and went up to 292lbs.  I wasn’t discouraged by this but disappointed.

I must work to achieve this and maintain weight loss.  It is strange to me that I feel as though I am in my 280’s.  When in fact, I weighed in today at 263lbs.  My stamina is low, even though I can walk and sprint some.  My energy level is also low.  For the past several days, I have left the sweets alone and ate salad with chicken.   I have to work on this.  I only have 24 days to get this right and to win.

This morning I had two cups of coffee and went to the gym for one hour and thirty minutes.  When I arrived home, I ate a salad with some chicken.  I am feeling drained and soar.  I know this is normal when you first leave the gym. However, I realize toning the muscle groups up is more challenging than I originally thought.

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