Twenty-Three Days Left For My HealthyWage Challenge

Fourteen pounds to burn off in twenty-three days.  The days before the anticipated weigh-in after nine months of losing weight are finally coming to fruition.  The goal is 249bls in twenty-three days, and I weighed in this morning at 163.2 pounds.

While on the treadmill yesterday, I have reached 2.13 miles, considerably less than I wanted. However, after using the machines, my energy was deficient when I got on the treadmill.  I enjoy the support of the HealthyWage forum.

I am seriously off track but plan to rectify that quickly as I possibly can.

Losing weight is never easy when you are an emotional eater like myself. However, I am not making excuses because losing weight is as difficult as we make it.  Yes! I believe psychologically; it is more difficult for us to lose weight physically.

Living a reactive life never helps when we don’t have a purpose and eat emotionally by reacting to what life throws at us.  Will create a weight gain and loss roller-coaster.  If you are sad, you will eat or don’t eat when you are upset, frustrated, depressed, etc.

I have to admit, I am new to this idea and will research it and expand my knowledge to overcome what I experience.  My problem area is my mid-section and pectoral area, which is by far the worse.  The picture below is from yesterday at the gym.  As bad as this picture is, you can still see that fat belly I need to work on.

The magic number is 14.  That is what I need to drop to win my HealthyWage challenge.








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