22 Days Left For My HealthyWage Challenge

I just came back from the gym after work. It was a good day, to say the least. I finally hit three miles in 54 minutes. I know it may not seem like a great deal to other people but. It is a milestone for me.

The magic number is 22 days before the final weigh-in, and I need every minute because I am going to be cutting it real close. No extensions, No regrets! I was lackadaisical in my approach in the final two months. Now it is put up or shut up, and I am going to talking until the skinny lady sings. It is grind time.

No pressure right? Quick stats – weighed in at 263.1 this morning. However, 14 pounds to lose, and realistically that is 1.4 pounds I would have to lose a day, or close to five pounds a week. Are my numbers correct? Anyone?

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