21 Days To The HealthyWage Challenge Weigh-In

HealthyWage Challenge
Three miles a day is what I am trying to do for the next 21 days to drop .63 pounds a day.

In these last twenty-one days, a lot is going through my mind, like did I wait too long before really getting serious for the challenge?  What should I be eating for maximum results to lose as much weight as possible within the last twenty-one days of my HealthyWage challenge?

One thing is certain; it is easy to maintain or lose weight gradually than trying to do it all at once.  I am not doing anything special and not dieting.  I just cut back on the amount of food I was intaking.  Schiano’s Pizza makes a great grilled chicken salad that is out of this world.  I use to work at a company nearby and go there for lunch because their pizza reminds me of New York’s pizza.  But it wasn’t until I wanted to start eating healthier.  Then the owner encouraged me to try the grilled chicken salad.  I was hooked line and sunk.

Schiano's Pizza
This is an amazing grilled chicken salad from Schiano’s Pizza located in Richardson, TX.

I couldn’t get enough of that salad.  They make it with fresh red onions, green peppers, tomatoes, green olives, bell peppers, and a mouth-watering grilled chicken that is to die for.  In my case, to lose weight for. So that is my lunch five days a week with two bottles of cool water.

If you are ever in Richardson, Texas, you have to look up Schiano’s Pizza and try all their food. I am sure you will walk away with a favorite dish like I did.

Schiano's Pizza
Schiano’s Pizza


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