Are You Feeling Stressed?

Stress may be present in our daily lives, but you don’t have to let it control or define your day. If you are feeling stressed, it may be time to take a moment and breathe. Take a walk and concentrate on all the good in your life and hone in on your strengths. By doing so, you may also find a solution to the cause of what may be stressing you—providing you the opportunity to alleviate the problem at its core.

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Stress-Relieving Ideas
  1. Meditate; this is a great way to relieve stress. However, sometimes it is better to be still and slow down through the art of meditation.
  2.  Laugh; emerge yourself into laughing, which has healing power.
  3.  Music; take time to listen to your favorite upbeat songs that empower you.
  4.  Exercise; This is a favorite of mine. Exercising not only helps get rid of stress but also leaves you feeling invigorating.
  5. Talk it out; talking to someone you trust can help you see a different perspective on what is bothering you.  Leaving you feeling much lighter by comparison.
Questions To Ask Yourself
  1. What is stressing me out?
  2. Why? Why am I so bothered by this?
  3. Is there a solution?
Action Steps To Take
  1. Write down what is the cause of your stress.
  2. Write down options for solutions.
  3. Take immediate action to resolve the issue.

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