One Day Left In My HeathyWage Challenge


Tomorrow is the last day of my challenge, and I did not come close to reaching my goal.  My first goal amount 249lbs.  My starting weight was 289lbs.  When I started my challenge, I have lost 4 pounds in a week and a half, right after logging that loss on the HealthyWage website. Unfortunately, instead of losing, I gained weight to the tune of 292lbs.

Looking at my journal and notes, I believe I sabotaged my success. But, guess what I also found? This wasn’t the first time I came close to success and then moved in the opposite direction.

I believe there is a mental block or deep-rooted there is a part of me that doesn’t believe I deserve to reap the goodness that life has to offer.  But, wait! That is all you preach, I thought to myself.  So, what you can proclaim it, but you don’t believe in the stuff you are peddling?

Wow!  It appears the hustle or being in the trenches and most of the work, and when success becomes within reach and is about to turn into a reality, only to slack off and take a few steps back to go forward.  This was an article I had previously written. 

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