Final Weight Far From Goal

You know what?  I did not make weight but gained weight, and my final weight was 268lbs.  I was supposed to be at 249lbs.  I came within nine pounds of goal, and my weight shot up by ten pounds.

Where Did I Go Wrong

If I had to guess, it was my attitude and urgency that changed.  Why did this happen so close to goal?  I am trying to analyze what I was going through at the time of failure. Although I go through these bouts with myself as I reach a certain level of success, I back down instead of embracing my success.

I now see this in real-time through journaling.  This has become a habit that perpetuates as time progresses.  This is something else I have to work on.  I will lose twenty more pounds and then maintain it for a while and then go after another loss of twenty pounds.

I cannot look at what I did not accomplish with this challenge but the overall goal.  I have to remember I started this at 305lbs and weight at the time of this writing 268lbs.  That is literally 37lbs obliterated. That is three pounds shy of a whopping 40lbs loss.  That is huge!!! I am not done until I reach my goal of 190lbs.  In this journey, I have learned a great deal about nutrition and myself.  Pushing the limits of self-awareness and accomplishing new goals for the rest of the year.

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