I Remember Anticipation

Can you feel it?  It’s Friday, and the weekend is here.  Do you remember when you were in grade school or, better yet, when you were in high school on Friday?  The anticipation of three o’clock was running high, and you could not wait for that final bell to ring.   All the smiling faces at that final bell were mind-blowing in hindsight.  If you were being bused, running to get a good seat was the plan, and if you were walking home, it was like an adventure filled with laughter, excitement, and fun.

Some of my fondest memories were in the school on Crotona Park Avenue in the Bronx where I grew up.  Granted, as a kid, I got sick with asthma a great deal in the winter months and missed weeks at a time.  However, I can still remember the walks home with so many of my friends.

I recently asked myself where is my anticipation level now.  Back then, it was extremely high because I couldn’t wait to get home, eat and run back outside to be with my friends.  I can’t remember the last time I waited with anticipation and excitement for something.  I thought to myself the other day.  What am I missing in my life?  How can I get that level of anticipation, excitement, and fun back in my life?

I Remember

I remember I would spend hours and sometimes days in one room writing poetry and had to be told days past, and I didn’t even know it.  It was like I was suspended in time, and it slowed down for me to create my masterpiece.    

I spent hours drawing different faces of cartoon characters, and everyone was amazed at what I created. I would spend hours working out or playing basketball for six to seven hours a day.  I could not wait to get on the court and try new and amazing moves with my friends.  Playing in front of crowds and hearing them react with amazement and absolute awe from moves made by all of us who put on a show for our loyal spectators.

Time For A Change

I realized the other day it is time for a change.  It is time to explore new opportunities that will bring a level of excitement back into my life, even in these timorous and uncertain times.  I believe there is a level in life for an individual to find joy with oneself in the things they do that do not rely on external happenings.   What new things have you tried lately that produced unexpected excitement and fulfillment for you?



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