Fallen From Grace

Have you ever gotten the feeling you fell short for something?  You intricately missed the mark.  I have. I feel I have fallen from grace with my sacred duties.  You are probably wondering what I mean, or better yet, where am I going with this.

Let me start from the very beginning.  As far back as I can remember, I never believed in God.  Being a non-believer blinded me to the reality of faith and the power of believing in something other than what I can physically see.  For years I have witnessed my grandmother going to church and reading the bible.  I could remember it as if it were yesterday.  She would get up early in the morning when it was quiet and read verses for hours.  She would do the same at night before she retired to bed.

I thought she was wasting her time.  How ignorant I was.  Years went by, and I went on with life in a cloud of disbelief.  Reading books but never acquiring knowledge.  I could see through my eyes but never had true sight.  I could hear what was said but never had an understanding.  My unbelief clouded my senses and dulled my judgment.  Blinded by disbelief went on for years. I could remember hearing it as yesterday; my grandmother would say, I will pray for you.

So what changed?  As I traveled my journey on the road to Damascus and saw the light of understanding. I understood what my grandmother tried to impart to me with clarity.  For once in my life, I understood her reasons for seeking forgiveness, salvation through prayer and reading the scriptures.

The Power Of Belief

However, I believed I didn’t understand the full scope of what I honestly thought. Reading the bible was a great help. However, there still was one thing missing, and that was belief. It is strange we can get behind the wheel of a car and believe in our skill not to get into an accident. However, we cannot believe in something we have never seen or the people we know have never seen before.  Belief is simple as flipping the light switch on or off.  You can choose to believe, or you can choose not to accept.   Sure, you can get technical about the facts of a particular thing.  However, in the end, the burden of proof rests on what you choose to believe.

When I was younger, I participated and heard many debates about whether or not to believe in ancient writings.  I have since discontinued debating what I don’t fully understand to be the complete will of God. Therefore, I will leave the secret thoughts of others alone and seek only the divine prompting for my own life in the hopes I can live the rest of my life as the lost sheep now found.  I believe in the power of belief in the things I cannot see held in the power of faith.

Belief, Faith, and Trust!




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