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How I Am Creating A Powerful Small Habit For Change


If you have read my previous post on how I have failed my challenge, you know I have not quit. But, unfortunately, I did not receive the results I set out to achieve. So, I am at it again with complete transparency on how I intend to reach my lasting goal.  My goal is to lose eighty-nine pounds in nine months safely.

If my math is correct, I will lose roughly nine pounds a month.  The most I have dropped in one month was seven pounds.  I have never lost seven pounds back-to-back months.  I am not ready mentally for the challenge, but I need to start now.  That brings me to my third day on the treadmill.

The tiny habit I am creating is a disruption in routine when I come home from being out in the field going to b2b. When I usually come home, I grab something to eat and sit in front of the television while I eat. Then, once I finish eating, I get up, turn the t.v off, wash the dishes, and mosey on over to my computer.

There I read, check my emails, and surf for a few minutes before I get down to business.  Here is where I will disrupt my routine.  When I come home, I hurry up and change into my workout shorts, preparing my mindset for business with the treadmill.  Today is my third day of doing this.  I know it is too early to break out the champagne in triumph, but it sure feels good I found something working.

12/03/2021 Treadmill Results

The Psychology of My Habit

I had a bad habit of coming home eating and watching television for about fifteen minutes, and then going and sitting at my computer for several hours.  That habit was a recipe for disaster, which is why I have gained so much weight.  Most of what I do is in front of a computer screen.

Disruption 1

Before I arrive at home, I say to myself, “the first thing we are going to do is change into our workout clothing.” So I am mentally preparing to do the work before I arrive home by changing my clothes that feel good because they allow me to get comfortable.

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Disruption 2

Instead of saying I have to work out, I will change my mindset and verbiage and say it will be good to get on the treadmill and become much healthier for my future self. As a result, I am going to look great!

Changing what I am positively saying to myself reinforces a good habit and routine.  So far, it is working.  There will be days where I may feel overwhelmed and tired.  Those are the most important day to show up for me.  Even for a few minutes on the treadmill, I must realize I cannot give in to a lackadaisical temptation or do nothing at all.

Disruption 3

Breaking my bad habits is what I am focusing on by making the bad habits challenging to perform and unattractive.  Thereby making good habits more attractive, easily reachable, and more rewarding when accomplished.  For example, I love cookies and sweets.  They are my downfall, along with my favorite fried chicken.  No kidding!  I am not being facetious.  I would hate to see what my insides look like after eating fried chicken almost every other day this year.

Here’s one of my plans.  Before I go into it, let me give you a little context why I believe my plan will work.  I used to smoke a pack and a half of cigarettes daily.  I stopped smoking seventeen years ago by associating smoking with pain.

I knew I had to create something drastic or trick myself into thinking something was wrong.  Every time I would smoke, I would force myself to cough badly.  I would then say, “I have to stop smoking. I cannot stand the pain I feel when it makes me cough.”  It has been seventeen years since I have picked up a cigarette.  That worked for me in that situation.

So, eating sweets and fried chicken all the time will cause me to be very obese, unable to tie my shoes, put on socks, and makes me very winded to walk.  PAIN!  I put up with all those things and have come to a point where the discomfort is also causing other health problems.

It would be best to stop the unwanted behavior at its source.  Threat the problem, not the symptoms.  I have to be brutally honest with myself about my emotions, triggers, and the solutions that might work.  I am not perfect, but the only thing I will quit are the bad habits that keep me from achieving my goals.


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