I Noticed A Bad Feeling Today

Have you ever woken up with the feeling nothing matters? I have, and it is not a good feeling to wake up that way. It’s strange because I usually wake up thanking God for allowing me to see another day. However, lately, I have been slipping, especially today. I noticed I did not read my scriptures. I have internally said my prayers, but it is not the same as getting in the spirit of talking with God.

My state of mind must be put in check. You read that right. I have noticed something is off, and I must check whatever it is and then nip it in the bud quickly before it festers into something uncontrollable. Have you seen anything about yourself that is changing?

It is a revelation when you catch yourself slipping in some area, you usually excel. I want to open a dialog to find out what others are doing when they notice unwarranted changes in good habits. Who will be brave enough to open a dialogue? I can also be reached at my personal email davidburton443@gmail.com if you don’t want to hash it out here online.

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