I Failed To Be Motivated

Motivated to be fit is the name of my blog, and I have failed to live up to the title. It was not by choice but by neglect because I never realized how grieving could affect you when someone you love and trust has passed away. My sister was there to talk things over with and hash out new ideas about almost any topic.

Having no one to talk with that you can trust is lonely and dangerous. I talk with God about all my issues. However, it would be great to talk with someone you can develop trust. My sister was that outlet for me. When I was young, I had many people that I called friends. Over the years that have passed, I watched my friend’s list dwindle to no one on the list at all. I wonder, what does that say about me?

The Was An Eye Opener

Through grieving and not caring for myself, my health has suffered to the point of hospitalization. Recently I was hospitalized for a couple of days because my sugar level was 840. I was never diagnosed with diabetes, nor does anyone in my family suffer from it.

When the doctor informed me that I am now a diabetic and would have to take insulin, my first response to him was, can I reverse this? The doctor said yes, and continued to say I would have to make some significant changes in how I lived and what I was eating. So, finally, I have a goal worth fighting to achieve.

I know the road ahead will not be an easy one to travel. Two weeks ago, I weighed in at 286lbs at the doctor’s office. Today I know I have lost some weight because my clothes fit more comfortably. In addition, I have stopped eating sweets altogether, and I no longer eat fried foods.

Wait! That is not entirely true because I eat two eggs with two turkey sausages in the morning. The rest of the day, I will have grilled chicken or baked salmon or fish. I am a work in progress and have much to be thankful for, including the family I have left.

Thank you for reading my post. I will do my best to post my progress here periodically. May your day be filled with blessing, joy, and prosperity.

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