My Weight Loss Struggle is real

Losing weight has been a ten-year battle for me because I won’t get out of my own way. Why? Well, there are so many reasons and one of them is cycle. The regiment of going real hard and when something in life hits me hard, my entire system gives in to it. But I am no stranger to hard work. In fact, I enjoy working out when I have the time to do so. There was a time when all I wanted to do was workout and feel the rush and great feeling you get once you’re done in the gym, or going for a run. If you workout or jog, you know what I am talking about.

I believe when things tend to go wrong in your life you generally find ways to cope and if I have to be honest, some of the way we choose to cope are not good. So where do I go from here?

Steps I am Going To Take To Get back on track

The first step is acknowledgement. knowing that I am off-beat and it is time to assess where I am and what I need to do to get back on track.

Quick Note; it’s also time to recognize why this happens and take steps from happening again thereby breaking the cycle.

Know that my life, not just my workouts are not in alignement with who I truly am, is critical to understand in order to bring about the necessary change. This stage is important because it is the foundation for which I need to build upon. Knowing the who, what, when, why, and how is predicated also on my belief system. See, there are so many of us who wonder why something happens in our lives oblivious to the mere fact we create some of our own issues.

Case in Point: I created myself being over-weight by not caring about what I ate and how it will effect my health years later. Outside of genetics, being over-weight is a mindset I believe can be changed if your find out what the real issue is that causes you to eat and be over weight.

I cannot speak for anyone but myself. This is my own experience. But there are some nuggets in the text. I also don’t believe I am the only one who struggles with being over-weight.

The second step after I gathered all my documentation of the who, what, when, how, and why. The next step is probably the biggest one of all, because without the second step all your hard work in the first step would have been for nothing. In fact, these steps work in tandom one without the other will not amount to results. By now I am thinking you already know what the second step is, and that is ACTION!!!

I must be willing to put in the work it takes to make the journey of change I so desperately want and need. Action is putting what I learned about myself and making the changes which will allow me to gravitate to the my future self I see. Making the physical change is simple. Transforming the way I think and how I see myself is critical, easily said than perform. This takes time to achieve and constant evaluations, assessments, monitoring of my thoughts, and actions.

The old adage is true; don’t worry about what others are saying to you. But worry about what you say to yourself when others stop talking. The conversation in your head is the most powerful consultation one can have and will be a force to reckon with. A force for good, or a force that can be damming.

I express some of my thoughts and opinions in the text above. My hope is that it has invoke someone to think about something in their own lives and what could they possibly change for the better.

I remember the picture below. Man, you talking about doing regular task was difficult. Thank goodness I am not there any longer. However, I have reached that point months ago and had to lose is again. Like I said earlier, what a bad cycle.

I weighed in at 305lbs in this picture.
This picture I am at 258lbs. I have 58lbs to lose to reach my goal of 200lbs.

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