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The weight loss journey continues, it’s not as bad as I thought. Wait!!! Maybe it is. We will judge later. For now, let me let you in on a little secret. I have been back to my old tricks again. That’s right! I have been eating a few eight o’clock treats for the past month. Nothing major, but that is how it all starts, right? You start small and before you know it, BAM!!! You have ballooned back up to the weight you said you will gain back again.

However, I caught myself and got back on track. What helps me to cut the night cravings is drinking tea at night. There is something about eight o’clock that stimulates in my brain that says it is time to rest and have a good sweet something to eat.

I sat down one night and try to think back and realized I have been this way for years. It was a habit that I kept around for over twenty years. Over the course of time when I have paid close attention to what I was eating I may substitute a bad sweet for a healthy one. But nevertheless, the habit remained.

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Chocolate Addiction

My biggest set-back is chocolate without a doubt. I for one cannot tell what life would be like without my chocolate. As I am writing about this my mouth is salivating. I am drooling all over the place.

I love that chocolate.

My eyes are tearing, oh my goodness! Hold on!!! I have to run and get the mop to clean up this insane mess I made thinking about chocolate.

This is complete madness. I have to get a grip and calm down so I can finish writing this article. Did you see that? I went completely down a rabbit hole talking about how much I love chocolate.

Perhaps you can see my dilemma and have an understanding what’s happening here. It’s like a complete three-sixty doctor jeckle, mr. hide affair going on here.

there is a silver lining

I recognize I have an issue with sweets and mainly chocolate and of course, cookies. Don’t worry I am not going to lose it again. I will make sure to keep my composure.

I have a quick question

Do you go through anything like this? Is there something you crave for at any part of the day? Share with me what that might be. You know misery loves company. I am only kidding. However, I really want to know, if am I the only one that goes through this? If you don’t want to share here, please share by email;

I have maintain the weight loss

That is right, from last year until now I have dropped forty-five pounds and kept it off. My goal was to lose 95lbs and I have not given up on that goal. I know it will take a great deal of effort on my part to achieve what I set out to accomplish.

Eggs and Strawberries.

How I maintain my weight loss

I learned it is about what we eat that will be the biggest factor to losing the weight we set out to lose. I had to find ways to change up what I was eating and when I ate, because the times we choose to eat and what we eat are all tied together, and if done right will help you lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

Exercise is key

I am a firm believer of exercise in any form that increases the heart rate. You have to get that heart rate up. I have not worked out at the gym as much since the pandemic. I went to the gym since the pandemic and every time I got really sick. So, I decided I would take up walking and have been doing that ever since. I make sure to get over ten thousand steps in a day.

I am a asthmetic and really catch colds very easily, so I make sure to be careful with everything I do. I am thinking on incorporating pushups in my daily routine because pushups is also great for engaging the core.

I used to enjoy doing pushups in the morning and sometimes during the day. Whenever I would get sleepy or feel sluggish around three o’clock in that afternoon I would sometimes do around twenty pushups to get the blood circulating and wake right up.

Pushups have a way to get you pumped up and ready for more. If you are feeling sluggish during the day try and do some pushups and you will see it will wake you up.

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