How to be inspired to walk or run

You are going to think I am crazy when I reveal how I get motivated to start walking on the treadmill or outside. I start to walk around my house in a brisk manner listening to my favorite walking music or my workout music. Whatever gets me inspired and gets me in the mood to walk.

Things you can do to get inspired to walk or run

  1. Watch inspiring videos of out of shape people working hard to get in shape. You will be surprised how fast you can get inspired to work on your own health.
  2. Take stock in yourself. Make a list of things that motivate you to kick in gear.
  3. Here is one you already know but I want to make sure you have down pat. Find your why and post it everywhere so you can read it every day, several times a day. This will work on a subconscious level as well.
  4. Find an accountability partner or group of people who have the same goal as you. You can inspire each other. There is power in numbers.
  5. Set attainable goals. Start with small goals and reward youself along the way. Preferably with healthy food if you are rewarding yourself that way. However, there are other ways to reward yourself, like buying a new outfit at a smaller size.
Jogging and getting into shape. Being inspired to becoming a healthier you.
Get into shape in the comfort of your own home.

Meditate right before you get ready to run or walk. Visualize you being healthier, happier, and energized. Open your eyes and take action. Once you start walking or running the rush of endorphins carry you the rest of the way. I not going to kid you, there are days you are not going to walk to run or walk. You’re going to tell yourself your tired, you don’t feel well. No matter the reason, walk or run, even for five minutes and you are going to realize those excuses were just distractions trying to prevent you from reaching your goal.

Idea of the Week

Make a declaration to yourself and state why it is importatant that you get into shape, and why you will not give up on you. You have one body, and one life. It is up to you to make a difference for you. Tell the world it is your time, you deserve to be healthier, you deserve to be happier, you deserve to be the best version of yourself. You want to know why? Because you were born unique with a special gift that was meant for the world to see and enjoy. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! Now let kick it into gear, and get inspired to walk or run. Start TODAY!

Your Life, your destiny

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and reading my blog. Have a healthy and fantastic day.

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So who’s with me???

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