I could use your advice helping Build my online store

I could use your help. I want to build this myself but don’t mind having help. I have never tried to take on something this big, but I believe in my heart this store or my idea has a chance to breath become a living, stustainable Idea that comes to life. Originally I bought a heat press to make my own shirts and hoodies. However, everywhere I went wearing something I created people were saying I like your t-shirt or I like that hoodie.

So, a family member said you should get business cards made up so when someone compliements your creeationn passed them a card and let them know you can make one for them as well. That was a great idea but I never wanted to be in the clothing business. Until it hit me one day. What a great way to spread a positive message.

Let me explain further. One day I was wearing a tee shirt that said “faith, the blood, believe, and fear not.” We all have read the words before in some context or another. But, it’s what happens when a conversation is sparked up that creates the magic. When someone reads the shirt and says “I am running a little low on that.” I was able to respond with a little low on what? The person said “Faith.” I get to show him no matter what you are going through, no matter how dire, it will get better. To make a great long story short. I was so taken back by his story I felt compelled to pay for their groceries.

That ordeal allowed both up of to be blessed and feeling good. No matter the problem, no matter the situation, I believe within time it will get better, and with God’s Amazing Grace, I believe all things are possible with God who strenghten’s us.

How you can help me

It quite simple you see, I need you to visit my store online and point out what I need to change and offer suggestions on how to improve my site. Yes, I am aware I can hire a professional, but that would take away all the fun I would have kicking creative ideas around with you. My site is https://pewear.com. I am trying to get my site ready for the Christmas holiday and it would mean the world to me I can have your help.

What’s in it for you?

A Free T-shirt of your choice. However, I don’t have t-shirts listed on my site yet, but, I will soon. I make all my shirts with vinyl and a heat press. In fact, that is how I have been creating shirts for friends and family for the past two years. I will be happy creating a shirt for you, for FREE!!!

La Milano Men Leather Loafer $35.00

Step out in style with La Milano men leather loafers. Beige in color. Size 11.

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