What Is Your Ultimate Goal as a Writer?

My first blog of the year came with much deliberation to determine the yearly theme and direction of content to provide to my readers.  Motivated to be fit will continue to provide informative information along with my personal journey to lose and maintain a consistency of weight-loss.  This year I am resolved to creating more meaningful content.  I just don’t want to create content that is valuable to my readers.  But, I want create an atmosphere of positive engagement with readers, writer, and podcasters.

 Change happens when we are in agreement to a degree.  Why I say degree?  Glad you asked.  See, if we agree on the destination, how we get there can be a difference in opinion, travel arrangement, starting points in life, etc.  Everyone’s journey in life is their own.  We are free to find our own truths in our own way.  Some people may agree on a destination and decide they want to take the scenic route.  While others may want to take a more direct route arriving much quicker at their destination.  Some may want to fly, while others may have a fear of flying and prefer the train.  Many people may enjoy the open waters and travel by boat, ship, or cruise liner.

What Is Your Ultimate Goal as a Writer?

I cannot speak for other writer’s personal goals.  However, I believe there may be some similarities in our thoughts, desires, opinions, aspirations, and hope.  I can only speak for myself and share with you what is my ultimate end game as a writer.

I would like for people to remember my writing as inspirational with the capacity to touch someone’s life in a positive way, is all I could ever ask for.  There are times I would inject a little of my personality and a little humor to make someone smile or even laugh.  On occasion, I would try to entertain someone with a story or poetry.  My end result as a writer is to be known as a writer who enjoyed the his craft and took the time to hone his writing skills and perfect the God given talent bestowed upon me.  Writing and reading can be an adventure taking you places no travel destination could ever provide.

The Ultimate goal as a writing is to be known as a good writer by those who read and enjoy the words that I take the time to type on this digital canvas.

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