If I could be Someone else who would it be and why?

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?

I would choose to be Jesus Christ, so that I can see first hand what he sees, and understand what he knows, and feel what he feels. So I can have a insane understanding of the God-head. The love that he has for us is beyond anyone’s real comprehension. To know the mysteries of the truths of the world we live in and other worlds that exist. Yes. That may be outrageous for you to get it but there isn’t another man on earth would would choose.

What is intriguing to me is knowing there is a relm that is all around us but we cannot see it. A source of energy that exist. Good, evil and beyond. For years many people posed the question “are we the only ones in existance.” That is for another blog. The answers exist but are not accessible for us.

There are intelligent minds that make great arguments with persuasvie theories. In truth they cannot be one-hundred percent sure of what they believe to be complete facts. The big bang theory, man comes from apes, and a host of other ideas. I am not discounting anyone’s theories.

I believe the truth has yet to reveal it self and when or if we ever have the truth revealed to us. I believe we will be very surprised.

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