Encouraging others will promote better health for you

When I was in grade school, one of my teachers gave us the assignment to write a short fiction story about anything we wanted. When we finished writing the short story, we handed our papers in, and our teacher graded them.  When I got my graded paper back, I was shocked to see the big letter “A +.”  

My teacher made everyone read their fiction story in front of the class. When it was my turn to read my story in front of the class. I was very nervous, and fear paralyzed me.  My teacher walked me out of the room and encouraged me to read it to the class because I had written something special they would enjoy hearing.  We walked back into the room, and I read my story. My teacher was right; the class really enjoyed the story, and I had gained new friends and notoriety. 

Encouraging Others

When we encourage someone, we help them unleash what is already inside of them.  Giving them the power and confidence to excel with the capacity to shine like the bright star that they are.

Encouraging someone will activate something in you.  I read an article on Psychology Today website.  It mentioned when we encourage someone or help someone we experience something called the happiness trifecta, which release chemicals in our bodies and brain called oxytocin, serotonin, dopanmine.

In short, when you are nice, helpful, charitable and giving in many ways.  You feel good which in turn release the feel good chemicals in your body which will promote happiness, joy, and better health.  In some cases it will promote healing too. 

Is there something in your life that you may feel you are not good enough for? You don’t have the skill set for, or perhaps you are feeling a little down about something. Just remember, you are more than enough, you are a conqueror. You have power and the ability to do all things in Christ who strengthen’s you.

Who will you encourage today?

One of the reasons I started a podcast is because I have a fear of talking out loud. This is my first step to becoming comfortable to talk and put my self out there while being vulnerable. Practicing and becoming better at talking. This is stepping outside of my comfort zone. Yes, you will all my mistakes because this is new to me. However, after a while you will also see I will improve and become a better speaker.

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