What would you life look like if money was not a factor?


I want you to take a few minutes and imagine you had all the money you could ever want or need. What would your life be like? What would you be doing with most of your time? How would you spend your money? Would you be frugal? would you give to charity? Would you start your own business and continue to build upon that which you already have?

What would consume your day? I found that whatever is truly in your heart and at the core of your being if money was not an object, is what you should pursue when you don’t have money little by little. Just imagine how much more fulfilling life would be if we all were able to do what we were passionate about. Instead of giving excuses like I use to do. We should become problem solvers to seek out the best course of action to start down doing what has been put in our heart, mind, and spirit to do.

What would you do?

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