Did you read the tittle? That is how I feel. Broken in a million pieces, dumfounded, and impaired. Two weeks ago I have lost what was an amazing women, who displayed an incredible will to live, my wife. She has been sick, but always defy the odds and come through with flying colors. I have been married to my wife for twenty-six years and known her for forty-three years. How do you move on without part of yourself? When you are married you become one. I am struggling with that equation. All I think about is her smile, her warm touch, and when she laughed, you couldn’t help but laugh along even if you didn’t know what she was laughing at.

That is a picture of my wife above. My wife was a stunning and beautiful go-getter, and believed in fighting tooth and nail for what she believed in. She worked as a nurse always willing to do over-time to help her clients. Debra worked long hours and sometimes put in 90 hours a week. Sometimes I wondered how she was able to do it at times, even while she was sick.

April 6, 2023 God called her home to be promoted to angel. I will miss my best friend, my ultimate love, and wife. I know she is in a better place and looking down at and probably saying stop that crying, you have work to do. But I can’t help it. Writing about her and talking about is difficult and therapeutic. Nevertheless, I feel lonely, I feel shattered.

To get through it all I will rely on my incredible faith in God’s plan. I don’t know it, but have faith enough to understand he knows what’s best and there is a valuable lesson in his reason for a season. My heart aches for her, my being longs for her.

Thank you for reading this post. it means the world to me having typing this.

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